mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Thérèse Brenet "Concerto" (update)

I have just received something i told you about when i met my friend the Sax player, composer and conductor Paul Wehage : the first newly edition of one of the 2 Thérèse Brenet piano concerto !

A work for piano solo, narrator and orchestra by Thérèse Brenet inspired by the poetry of ALLALEDDINE EL ROUMI, Masnawi, passim (13th century).
"Nos musiques sont l'écho des hymnes que les sphères chantent dans leurs révolutions Le chant des mondes qui évoluent, les hommes essaient de le reproduire en s'aidant du luth et de la voix. Nous avons tous entendu ces hautes mélodies dans le Paradis que nous avons perdu; Et bien que la terre et l'eau nous aient accablés nous conservons le souvenir des chants du ciel. Celui qui aime nourrit son amour en prêtant l'oreille à la musique, Car la musique lui rappelle les joies de sa première union avec Dieu" .

I really can't wait the reh to starts, even if i know that it will be .... not soon !

here you can browse the score :

and here a page of the Manuscript that i got since some years now

As i explained you, a forthcoming project (after the chamber music album) is to record the concertos.

There is (like everytime with me ^^ ) a nice story : when i prepared with Melle Brenet some pièces for the chamber music recording, she really liked my "way of performing" with delicacy and harsh sounds (well when you see FFF and ppp .....) . After many talk and when i told her how i came across her music and really liked it, she told me that she is 100% entrusting me for the concertos !

Also a very very fresh new, on the last letter Melle Brenet sent me she finally started to take seriously (and started to compose)  my idea to make a "one movement" Sonata (in the very same way as the late Scriabin ones) ! I really can t wait to see it !!!

 i had a really crazy idea about the Brenet concertos. I can't tell you know, because the label owner think that it is "very interesting" but since there is much time left, they will work on it.
I can't tell you what it is, but ...... if i can do it .... expect something really really great !!!!

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