mercredi 8 janvier 2014

P. Glass 'Einstein on the Beach' parisian première !

Yes !!!
a huge croud outside, even if with my picture you can't see it
Yesterday was the parisian première of the new Einstein on the Beach of Philip Glass.
Like every Glass fans, i knew the music, i read about it, so ... i was supposed to have no surprises
but .... 

 It was MINDBLOWING !!!! i was expecting many, but .... not THAT MUCH !!!!!!! i was Lucky to be at the very first rows (the "H" row, perfectly fitting me !!! ), and in the middle, so it was the perfect conditions possible.

the singers starts when ppl were still talking and sitting
they were looking at out straight in the eyes ! ! but always with smile !

 The funny thing was : it started right when they opened the doors !!
Since i was very front, i could see all of it, the singers arriving slowly by slowly with a huge "Fade In".
Since the light was still "on" everybody was talking ....
And of course
the lights were 'off'
the very same that talked so much did the usual "shuuuuuut" noises ......

Einstein starts ....

 It was really "something" ! i am still under its spell. I don't know how to "explain" it, there was something magical, and also beautiful at the very same time.

Everything was great, the dancers, the performers, the text, the sounds ....
And even the public !! i was expecting them to leave, and never come back . In fact few left, and usually they came back after 10 or 20 minutes !
the famous image :)

It also confort me in a point i was "wondering about" : on the opposite of what the PGE usually do (specially when synth is involved" is it more than agreed to do a Glass with rubato and inspiration (and not a dry note to note perfect rendition) , i am thinking in particular to the solo violin , solo fagot and solo sax part, with sometime some "jazzy swings" ).

What to say about the dancers, the texts, the abstractness of those flying light lines ...
Also ..... it finished with such a beautiful love story !

dansers were amazing !

the so famous Spaceship !

I would love to see it again, and i understand why, when they premiered, public came again and again to see it 2/3/4 times , i would love to do it !

All the Chatelet was doing a 15 minutes long Standing Ovation !

to sum up, i would say, it is like "love at 1st sight" . You expect to like it, or at best to enjoy it, But ... when it finished you realise that you experienced something so intense that you will never forget in your entire life, you feel like something Inside you changed. Touched by bliss and at the very same time sad because you really don't know when you will be able to see it again (so it fits perfectly the definition of "love at 1st sight" )

Yes Philip Glass was here ! but did not perform ...
You can see all the concert here :
(available for free for 4 months! )

For the curious ones : you can see me searching my place at 0:02:32 , and at 0:03 something , taking with my "wonderful" new cellphone (that i really do not master yet) the pictures you can see on my blog ^^

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