samedi 4 janvier 2014

Electroacoustic news ! 5 albums soon out ! (updated with pictures)

Some of my Facebook friends might already have noticed it, in 2014 i will release electroacoustic albums that have been delayed since a very long time.
I can not show you all artwork, since i am right now working on them, I will post them as soon as they will be done.

So this is the Schedule :


In January / Febuary :

Valse Sinistre will release on limited handmade digicase the Lovecraft Trilogy :

At the Mountains of Madness

with wonderful abstract pictures of my long time friend : Jessica De Clerck

The Dreams in the Witch-House

artwork is made with pictures of Dinoys ! a Huge fan of Minimal music
(you can see his blog page on the right)

Twilight Amorphousness of the Vague Abysses

with brilliant painting of artist Kinard Patricia

Sublime Recapitulation Music will release :

Leçons de ténèbres

Artwork is made from very old digial arts that i did years ago
from my point of view they fit perfectly this album

In April / May


Mors Ultima Ratio will release my "Acedia" album
For this one the artwork has just been done with wonderful paintings of Kinard Patricia. When the album will be out i will give you all détails !

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