lundi 16 décembre 2013

I hate Ewoks !

Today, after such hard work, i am publishing something light, almost a private joke.

Indeed this is something that i found back, a kind of Holy Grail for me and my students (they know how much their teacher loves to do jokes).

For years i told them about a flash game i saw years ago in internet that i really loved :

the Ewoks annihilator !!

Yes i hate Ewoks (maybe not as much as Jar-Jar Bins), as a kid i also hated Ewoks so strongly, i hated everything, every single time they came with their horrible face, their stupidity and their terrible langage.
As a kid, my parents belived that it was "cute" so i will be pleased to watch their TV-mini serie .....
I also hated Alf for the very same reason... i was more into the Twilight Zone

So my dear students who are reading my blog, i am extremely pleased to introduce you to one of my favored internet flashgame :

dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Editing done !

Ah my gosh !!

I could not belive it would have been so long ....

4 long days .... 3 sleepless nights ....

First of all my want to thank my students who understood my need and did not complain because i was cancelling all the lessons.

Also i want to thank the very few and very kind friends that send me messages to cheer me up ! It really did matter a lot to me and helped me to overcome those nights .... I could not do the hot chocolate, but will do it later for sure ;-)

So the price of the hardest piece to edit was ..... How Now !!
It took me a complete night + morning !
But this is also a little my fault.
How Now was recorded "in a row". I mean, i did a 45 minutes version and i had to reduce everything.

But as i wanted to do something more interesting, instead of repeating each part when it came for the repeat (it would have been so easy) , each new sequence is totally different.

For this piece there is also a very funny story.
If you don t know "How Now", here it is:

When i recorded the 1st Glass album, How Now was the last piece to be recorded. I feared it a little bit. There were 2 reasons for that. This piece is pretty hard for the hand (everything is really tense, and all the muscles can get stiff) , and also it is so harsh that the piano can be de-tune very easily.

So to avoid any tension, How Now was the last one. Like that i was sure that the other would be ok.

For the de-tune, i choose a Fazioli. There are pro and not-pro Fazioli i will not enter into this endless war. But there is one important thing : Fazioli is really "for the top over the top piano brands" the one that is very hardly getting out of tune !

As you know now, the piece is very ... avant gardist, and really harsh !

When i finished the piece, i was hearing some screamings, some strange noise (i did not hear them on the recording).
As sound engineer explained : there was one old lady that was complaining about the harsh sound. She came to complain (the album was recorded in a very nice Church in Paris), she was clapping doors and Windows ......

Also in the middle of the piece, i was really Inside it, and .... i saw some strange heads coming out of the doors.
Luckily they did not came in, as i would have to stop and tell them that .... i might not be the one they were looking for...

Anyway, tonight after this very long edit, i enjoyed a very nice italian restaurant downstairs :


a nice table:
Gressini e un bicchiere di Spumante Prosecco
my all time favorite:
pomodoro e mozzarella di bufala

Scaloppina Milanese con spaghetti alla napoletana


To sum up, i really enjoyed it, it was good and tasty. Also it is far away from the crappy pizzeria. It is pretty cute Inside and could be a nice restaurant for a date. I really recommand it.
This time i did not try, but the pizza are pretty big and tasty

mardi 10 décembre 2013

Recording Act III : editing the Glass album :)

me listening one track of the Glass album
yes many fancy graphics,
very hypnotic to see them moving :)

Yes !!!! Finally !!!!

A long time it took me. I must confess that i was a little bit over busy with the preparation of forthcoming Glass Marathon at the Palais de Tokyo and a real huge surprise i am preparing !
I can't say much, exept for the ones who already saw it : it will be really different !!!

You will have news in the forthcoming weeks !

Anyway, i solved all the hardwares / softwares / computer compatibility etc etc ....
I remembered my friends when i was a kid. They were battleling against their computer, and we already had to wait more than 40 minutes to play a video game ! (when i could do imediately with my NES ). I promised that i would never do like them ..... Ha .... If i knew that i would do worst ....

So now i can finally enjoy my 1st album. The editing is now going very well, and i have to say that i love the piano sound. After for the musicality well .... it is me performing so ... i can't say a word ! I will let you the pleasure to tell me !!

I have plenty of good news to tell you, but i keep for myself and this blog the joy of more entries :)

Sorry i can't publish yet some Glass samples, i will see with Naxos when i would be able to do so

All the best my dear friends