lundi 16 décembre 2013

I hate Ewoks !

Today, after such hard work, i am publishing something light, almost a private joke.

Indeed this is something that i found back, a kind of Holy Grail for me and my students (they know how much their teacher loves to do jokes).

For years i told them about a flash game i saw years ago in internet that i really loved :

the Ewoks annihilator !!

Yes i hate Ewoks (maybe not as much as Jar-Jar Bins), as a kid i also hated Ewoks so strongly, i hated everything, every single time they came with their horrible face, their stupidity and their terrible langage.
As a kid, my parents belived that it was "cute" so i will be pleased to watch their TV-mini serie .....
I also hated Alf for the very same reason... i was more into the Twilight Zone

So my dear students who are reading my blog, i am extremely pleased to introduce you to one of my favored internet flashgame :

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