mardi 31 mars 2015

S.A.I. Ensemble , Live in Paris (Cardew/Riley)

Last friday 27th March was the very first concert of my S.A.I. Ensemble in Paris ! 

Needless to tell you that i was very exited about it. 
For most of you that does not know S.A.I. means : Saturated and Amplified Instruments. 
To sum up a little bit , imagine saturated instruments such as guitars , synth , or even accordion performing contemporary music . 
Unfortunately, as i am pretty busy with my piano and recordings, i have few time left to really take care of this Ensemble, and yes this is a shame. 
Anyway, so far we did concerts in Brussels, Monaco, Nice and Perpignan. 

For this concert, i was in touch with Fleuve Mecanique to organise it as they really wanted to do a SAI Ensemble concert for the release party of their last Tape. Needless to tell you that i was really happy and honored about it ! 

And to complete it, they wanted to see also an electroacoustic improvisation of me. 

The program was to be like this : 

As i prepared my material, i discovered that my idea for the improvisation was not working at all ! 
So then, when i arrived to prepare everything, i asked the organiser for a little change : i will come on stage with Laurent James , my guitar player (then is was more like a SAI Ensemble than a solo improvisation). 

I guess you can't wait one more second, so this is (so far) the only vidéo that i received : 

I really hope you will like our version of Cornelius Cardew 's Treatise 

For the recording, i heard that the organiser did a recording of everything and maybe there is a longer video of the Treatise piece ! 

Now let's return to the pictures and to the concert organisation. 

this is the concert hall from the platform 
i bet you understand why it 's nammed "Les Voutes" 

This is the very nice and rich buffet for the musicians ! we could ask anything we wanted and we would get it !!! all thumb up for that !!! 

Buffet from another point of view 

backstage was a little thin, but well .... just to store some material. 
it was safely guarded and nothing at all happened 

Now we are working on the tech point of the performance ! 
Unfortunately not all the members could be here 
Again all thumbs up for the organisation ! 

Finally my friend, the wonderful composer and accordion / Eigenharp player Olivier Innocenti joined the crew !!! 

This time we performed with 5 members : 
Me on Synth (MiniBrute) , Laurent James (Guitare) , Judicael (Guitare) , Heimoth (Guitare) and Olivier Innocenti (Accordion) 

Now some concert pictures : 

lundi 23 mars 2015

New Promos video GlassWorlds 1

My dear friends

As you might have already seen it, my very first Philip Glass album is now available everywhere !

I am extremely glad that all the return i got are all excellent !

Then i really hope you will like the first volume !

So far we recorded 5 volumes , and they should be out slowly by slowly.

Anyway , i have now all the promo videos and i really hope you will like them !

First of all , you already know the "classical one" . This one was the one i "had to" do, as Naxos requested it. On my side , i like it a lot as JD Dias really did a fantastic job , and it is important for the audience to see what the pianist look like. The piece is one of Philip Glass classics : Opening from Glassworks : 

After it , i was totally free to do whatever i wanted ! And for the one who know me ... this can means a lot ! 

But so far i was nice. 

Then the second promo video is something that i had in my mind for 2 years already, and i was very happy that Nikolai really shared my point of view ! 
So you have something quite psychedelic on a piece that i love a lot : How Now ! 
About it , i am really happy as i received very good feedback from "very classic" persons saying that it was just the perfect rendition for it : ) 

After it , the third one is a fan made video that i received some days after the digital release. 
It is very poetic and beautiful , made with images from the cult Cocteau movie "Orphée" as the music chosen is from the Orphée Suite : Orphée and the Princess : 

I really hope you will like them ! We will very soon prepare videos on the second volume ! There should be quite a lot : ) 

mardi 3 mars 2015

Philip Glass album #1 Digitally Out Today !!!!

My dear friends

Today i have the EXTREME pleasure to tell you that my Philip GLASS Album #1 at Grand Piano is 
now available on download !!! 

Yes, just coming back from my retreat at the Sainte Baume mountains and taking time to finally put order in my life (you know all those things that you keep continue to say "not important at all, i can do it later" and after a decade they are so numerous that you can't even breath). And today THE new !!!! 

As you might already know , the program of the first cd is : 

Opening from Glass Works

the Orphée Suite (transcribled by Paul Barnes) 

Dreaming Awake 

How Now 

For the fans of Ipods and all mp3 player you can find it in all your favorite platforms on Cd quality and also on HD 24 bits ! 

Here the links :




I also received my very own copies (a huuuge box of 300 cds) and ... yes i am really happy with the result ! 

I really hope you will also like the way i am performing Glass' piano music. For the ones that saw me in concert...well ... you know what you will get ; )

And for the other ..... you can check the fantastic promo video Jean Lionel DIAS did for me : 

Soon 2 completely differents promo vidéos will be available !!! 

Enjoy !!!!!!