mercredi 19 mars 2014

Kiev Febuary 2014 ... From Valentine to War ........

My dear friends

As you know last feb, i had the honor to be invited at 2 Festivals in Kiev.
Program was huge 1 complete recial , 1 Night of Minimal Piano , a Premiere of Pärt Lamentate for piano & orchestra ...
Success was incredible , and from 3 concerts , i had 6 !
And last recital was the 17th ... in Maydan Square .... some little hours before ....

But little i knew that ....

Some of my Kiev Friends did a little video about everything that was going on at this time , and asked me the permission to use some music from the recital program.

After we were able to locate a recording that made of this recital (my video cam was broken), and unfortunately it was not 'usable" as we could hear the sounds of explosions and weapons fire ..... (i still can't belive i did not hear anything when i performed !!!! i was almost shocked when i listened to the recording !!! To bad it was the best Rääts performance ....)

So we used from my archive older recordings with the very same program (Philip Glass Etudes 1 / 6 / 7 )

here the video : 

When i will have time, i will take time to write about this Kiev experience that really changed my life .... as many students who listened to my story told me that i really have to share it...

mardi 18 mars 2014

Palais de Glass : the world premiere of GlassWorlds in the Palais de Tokyo

My dear friends

I was talking about a "crazy project" that was going on for months.

Now thanks to my terrible efforts to put everything online, i am able to show you all the details in a much nicer way.

This time i added to the Glass Marathon, Homages that more than 90 composers did exclusively for this concert .

Here a link where you can have access to (really) all the details !

and the poster :