mardi 31 mars 2015

S.A.I. Ensemble , Live in Paris (Cardew/Riley)

Last friday 27th March was the very first concert of my S.A.I. Ensemble in Paris ! 

Needless to tell you that i was very exited about it. 
For most of you that does not know S.A.I. means : Saturated and Amplified Instruments. 
To sum up a little bit , imagine saturated instruments such as guitars , synth , or even accordion performing contemporary music . 
Unfortunately, as i am pretty busy with my piano and recordings, i have few time left to really take care of this Ensemble, and yes this is a shame. 
Anyway, so far we did concerts in Brussels, Monaco, Nice and Perpignan. 

For this concert, i was in touch with Fleuve Mecanique to organise it as they really wanted to do a SAI Ensemble concert for the release party of their last Tape. Needless to tell you that i was really happy and honored about it ! 

And to complete it, they wanted to see also an electroacoustic improvisation of me. 

The program was to be like this : 

As i prepared my material, i discovered that my idea for the improvisation was not working at all ! 
So then, when i arrived to prepare everything, i asked the organiser for a little change : i will come on stage with Laurent James , my guitar player (then is was more like a SAI Ensemble than a solo improvisation). 

I guess you can't wait one more second, so this is (so far) the only vidéo that i received : 

I really hope you will like our version of Cornelius Cardew 's Treatise 

For the recording, i heard that the organiser did a recording of everything and maybe there is a longer video of the Treatise piece ! 

Now let's return to the pictures and to the concert organisation. 

this is the concert hall from the platform 
i bet you understand why it 's nammed "Les Voutes" 

This is the very nice and rich buffet for the musicians ! we could ask anything we wanted and we would get it !!! all thumb up for that !!! 

Buffet from another point of view 

backstage was a little thin, but well .... just to store some material. 
it was safely guarded and nothing at all happened 

Now we are working on the tech point of the performance ! 
Unfortunately not all the members could be here 
Again all thumbs up for the organisation ! 

Finally my friend, the wonderful composer and accordion / Eigenharp player Olivier Innocenti joined the crew !!! 

This time we performed with 5 members : 
Me on Synth (MiniBrute) , Laurent James (Guitare) , Judicael (Guitare) , Heimoth (Guitare) and Olivier Innocenti (Accordion) 

Now some concert pictures : 

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