mardi 10 décembre 2013

Recording Act III : editing the Glass album :)

me listening one track of the Glass album
yes many fancy graphics,
very hypnotic to see them moving :)

Yes !!!! Finally !!!!

A long time it took me. I must confess that i was a little bit over busy with the preparation of forthcoming Glass Marathon at the Palais de Tokyo and a real huge surprise i am preparing !
I can't say much, exept for the ones who already saw it : it will be really different !!!

You will have news in the forthcoming weeks !

Anyway, i solved all the hardwares / softwares / computer compatibility etc etc ....
I remembered my friends when i was a kid. They were battleling against their computer, and we already had to wait more than 40 minutes to play a video game ! (when i could do imediately with my NES ). I promised that i would never do like them ..... Ha .... If i knew that i would do worst ....

So now i can finally enjoy my 1st album. The editing is now going very well, and i have to say that i love the piano sound. After for the musicality well .... it is me performing so ... i can't say a word ! I will let you the pleasure to tell me !!

I have plenty of good news to tell you, but i keep for myself and this blog the joy of more entries :)

Sorry i can't publish yet some Glass samples, i will see with Naxos when i would be able to do so

All the best my dear friends


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