samedi 11 janvier 2014

Antonio CANOVA

Today, when i just saw on facebook a very nice review about the Christus, i came across a statue that i used to love when i was a kid:
Antonio CANOVA : Psyché ranimée par le baiser de l’Amour

It might sounds a little cheesy, but when the first time i saw Canova's statue, it was in a history book, i was.... 13? I remember that i went to a printer and asl him to do a copy of it (no internet at this time ! and no personal printer too, yes i am a dinosaurus ! ).
I am happy to have crossed once again this statue, curiously i still did not see it "in real life". Maybe i was not ready yet? or too far away to be able to truly apreciate it ?

For years i used to watch it, and saw it as my ideal vision of Love.
I loved everything, the delicate gesture, the beauty of the faces and their expression ... the way Psyché abandons herself into Cupidon. Not like nowaday pleasure, but something more like a mutual trust, warmfull ... Complete purity in love !
Cupidon just hold her gently, and no more, in the very same time he is hiding her body like if he was keeping all her details only for himself...

Anyway, i am not very gifted to talk about fine art, but the Louvre Museum wrote a wonderful page with maximum details about it :
Louvre text about the Canova statue

I must confess that i am still "in love" with this statue, and still see it as a love utopia, or a dream i hope to be able to reach one day...

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