vendredi 26 septembre 2014

News !

My dear friends !

So long time i did not took care of my blog !

In fact as many might have seen, i had been more effective with the other blog, the one dedicated to the GlassWorlds.

The last 6 months had been extremely busy :

1 more cd had been relesed the French Avant Garde

5 had been recorded :

X for Henry Flynt
the French Avant Garde
and 3 more volumes of the Complete Glass

also a little track from a Waller portrait (a piece dedicated to me)

I had been working a lot , on preparing more concerts, masterclasses in Tallinn alongside with concerts everyday with ... of course different repertoire everytime !
the 5 Liszt concertos with the Monte Carlo Orchestra, concert that was postponned at the very very last minute ......

Also some great concerts with my SAI Ensemble and now i am preparing the rest.

Anyway, i will end this "return" post with a great new !

The 1st Volume of the Complete Glass at Naxos will be released

Early March for USA & UK

and End of March for the rest of the world !

Yes a new season is starting with great new projects coming ! GlassWorlds will be on tour starting in November ! Plus some orchestra concerts as well !

Some might have seen, i also took care of my Instagram acount as well , posting some fun pictures

I am very please to write to you again , and i thank you so much to be there folowing my activities !

I hope to have the pleasure to meet you numerous at my forthcoming concerts !

Yours !


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