mercredi 23 avril 2014

Entering studio tomorrow !

Tomorow is THE great day i was preparing for quite a time now.

In fact for 3 days i will enter in studio to record as much as possible the Glass project.

Luckily i did the Palais de Glass some days ago, and to perform all the Glass music in a row really helps to understand his music.

Of course nothing new under the sky. The very first time i heard such a thing, i was still 18.
Gerard Frémy who was my maestro at this time, requested that i read H. Nehaus "Art of Piano". And ... in it Nehaus used to say that to be able to understand well 1 Beethoven sonata, a pianist has to play all the Beethoven Sonatas. I guess .... this is how the "complete" challenge started...

Tonight, nothing special, only piano practice, and make sure everything is just perfect in the way i see it.
Also trying to make some improvement.

I specially think about all those "avant garde" Philip Glass pieces. After all those talk with all the great composers i met this year, all the pieces i had the honor to permiere and perform... my musical vision and understanding changed quite a lot !

And .... while i was doing the Palais de Glass, i was extremely surprised to see that my understanding of all those pieces (Music in 5th, 2 pages, 600 lines ...) changed TOTALLY !

Really far away from the "very flat" rendering you can listen to my youtube page (from the 1st Glass Marathon, in Paris - Collège des Bernardins). At this time i was playing it "like the electric organ" Glass and his Ensemble are using all the time.
You have something flat, somehow nice, but .... well ... i did not got it .....

When i was performing it.... i got a strange idea .... why in earth Glass would link the notes by 2 / 3 & 4 if it was simply to perform them in the very same way (as the Glass Ensemble is doing).
Since i was on piano, i think...... and if ...... if i would do accent at the begining of each link ....
So i did ... it was quite painfull for my muscle stamina but ... ho God .... the "simple" piece got new energy , more power and something harsh .... like those ritual danses ....
And ... public was really into it as well !!!

Anyway this is what we are aiming to record for the forthcoming days (3 complete days) :

Glass Vol #2 : The Metamorphosis
(Metamorphosis + Trilogy Sonata + 2 pages ...)

Glass Vol #3 : The Love
(OST from The Hours + Modern Love Waltz + Music in 5th...)

Glass Vol #4 : The Madness
(Mad Rush + 600 lines)

+ a LaMonte Young album for SubRosa Record

+ 1 piece of Michael Vincent Waller (dedicated to me ^^ )  for the cd : The South Shore  at XI Records

+ 1 piece of Olivier Greif for a  French avant garde music album at LTM Recordings

+ 1 Jaan Rääts Sonata to use for a sampler ......

Quite a busy schedule !!!!!!!! I won't have time to make much jokes or video this time !!!!!

For those who are wondering ..... Yes yes yes the Glass Vol #1 The Opening is now finally complete !
I am really amazed by the Nikolaos Samaltanos job ! It really has NOTHING to compare with the Liszt album i did.
And ... Nikolaos was SO right . We did so well to really take our time to work on the sound to make this 1st volume as great as possible. I am extremely proud of it, and very soon i will handle the final version !
Since Nikolaos is a real maniac, we worked on both the HD Surround mix & on HD Sterero mix !
Both will be different and both are great ! (in term of Equal colors, not for the music of course ! ).

But .... yes there is a but .... Naxos won't be very happy. They requested a 62 to 68 min max for each cd. And ... the Vol #1 is .... +/- 80 minutes .......

The video is also ready ! Exept something really really great on Fall 2014 !!!!!!!!

to finish it well .... a nice picture of my best supporter ! 

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