lundi 21 avril 2014

Interview on National Radio Ukraine ! With sample from Pärt Lamentate & Rääts Sonata #10

My dear friends.

If you are Arvo Part or/& Jaan Raats fans, a very good new ! 
Today (21.04.2014) at 16:35 Kiev time, an interview of me will be displayed on National Radio Ukraine (first channel).

The very interesting point of it is that you will be able to listen to 2 live broadcast !
Arvo Pärt Lamentate for piano & orchestra (from the 20th Feb 2014 concert in Kiev)
and Jaan Raats Sonata #10 (from the 17th Feb concert still in Kiev ) 

a link :

Wishing you a fantastic listen, and hope you will enjoy my 2 fav Estonian Composers !!

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