lundi 29 septembre 2014

Therese Brenet Recording - pics & new videos

My dear friends

On a previous post (CLICK HERE) i shared some infos about my very first recording !

Therese Brenet : Le Visionnaire 

Very recently I was able to take back a lot of pictures from my "dead" Iphone (3! so it is quite old), and there were many that were made during this recording, and ... i never shared them on any social media.
The recording session was at the old "Vogue" studios, where people like Jacques Dutronc (Paris s’éveille) and Serge Gainesbourg recorded "back in the day". It's an amazing place and we had a great time doing the recording.

But .... THE reason that gave me the will to do it , is to discover that the cd label shared on youtube a lot of tracks from this cd .

So before the funny pictures, i am sharing with you those audio files

Dans l'Or Vibrant du Désert , for piano and violin

Le Visionnaire for alto saxophone viola and piano 

Du Bronze et de lumière for Serpent and piano (yes the ancestor of trumpet!)

The first movement of Quintet for piano and strings

the 2nd movment :

last movement

and my favorite : le Boustophédron for flute clarinet violin cello and piano 

Now the pictures : 

It was my first pro classical recording , so .... do not get mad after the almost naive photos or comments :)

Arrival to the Studio 
It was in banlieu , so .... far away from Paris ! 

The outside was nice 
and pretty big. 

The studio was very well known in the 80's for some cult french bands

The studio has everything necessary !
Preparing all the equipments 
start to see how it looks like
micro are getting installed 
Dear Paul supervising 

micro tests

Scores on the piano for the "very contemporary" piece of Brenet (Boustophedron) 

First take 

Boustophedron takes 

micro improvements

last minute change
warming up the next piece

a pause, time to take coffee and some candies
we can see from the outisde it s wonderful concrete structure

a nice loby

and an even nicer listening room 
the army of mic

Now some pictures of the recording itself 

listening time 

i was lucky to do it with my good childhood frend and excellent celist Eric Zorgnoti ! 
bye bye nice piano .... 

I really hope you liked those pictures and the samples , and that they will give you the desire to deep your knowledge about Brenet, a composer really to keep an eye on (even if next year she will turn 80!)

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