samedi 23 novembre 2013

Rest in Peace Bernard Parmegiani

Hard to say anything ...
One of my big inspiration back in the time i was doing much more electroacoustic than piano (i was still at this time under the extreme care of the "couple" Germaine Deveze - Bruno Léonardo Gelber, and was working heavily my technique).
I am still remembering Parmegiani kindness. I had the honor to have been selected to perform some of my compositions for his 'official 80th birthday celebration concert', and the fact that he felt my music soonded like Xenakis (when i did not even knew he did electroacoustic music).
Back in those years i loved "De Natura Sonorum" ... I hope you will share my taste...
Parmegiani was one of the great giant of the electroacoustic, and his work will be celebrated for long !

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