samedi 23 novembre 2013

Night Mood / Radio Interview with Frédéric Hutman

Yes... once again, as you already know, i am really addicted to Philip Glass music.
In fact I have this particular music turning without stop in my head tonight, and i can't sleep. My fingers are moving, i am performing it again and again in my head.

But it is not reasonless. Very soon i will give you some news .... and some very good one ! I am preparing something pretty interesting in Paris for the Glass maniacs like me :)

Also tonight, there was on the Radio Shalom a wonderful interview that Mr Frédéric Hutman had the honor to give me for the release of my Liszt - Christus album.
Normally you can still listen to it all night on the replay, but ... it is only in french, sorry for it .

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