dimanche 17 novembre 2013

Frustration !

Yes, i am today very frustrated.

No nothing to go with soccer or sport or whatever. On the other hand ... for 10 years i was avoiding to work with ProTools. When i was still a composition student with Favotti or Groult i "had to" compose with this software, but ... i never liked it, and on the other hand continued to compose in my way (but never showed them my work, only the final project).

It was the same when i did the edit of my Liszt cd. everything worked perfectly well.

But now ... with the Naxos expectation : ( 24 / 96 on surround ) , my Equipment is far from good, and .... i will need to wait the weekend end to upgrade it ... (i got everything on FireWire, but none of my computer actually has this plug anymore )

Too bad for me .....

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