vendredi 25 octobre 2013

Farewel Marianne ~ a conceptual photosession she did of me

Tonight i just learnt than Marianne, a long time friend and an outstanding electric bass player is no more.
I can really say that i was lucky to have cross her path and to have met her. We worked together in some bands in a distant past, and recently we worked together in my contemporary chamber music groupe, the SAI Ensemble.
She was really ahead of her time, allways with some terrific and crazy ideas. I feel now so sad to know that we will never be able to do them together.
I still can't belive she had to go to such extremities.

As an hommage to her, i am publishing a photosession she did of me during my very first exhibit in Brussels in June 2013. I know that she really liked those pictures, but me on the other hand, i was little affraid that they would be "too much" for Facebook.

Later of course i will do a post about this exhibit and its meaning. But I do not feel it would be the point nor the good day for it.

 And a picture of her on our very first concert of my S.A.I. Ensemble :

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