mercredi 23 octobre 2013

Cheesy moment of the night =^.^=

As i was tonight watching the wonderful Myazaki's Mononoke Hime, and listened to the ending songs from Joe Hisaishi, it brings back memories... since last time i saw it was at the end of a very old (and long) relationship. ‘… a bundle of yellowed love letters…’ as Busoni used to describle Liszt's Ricordanza....

Ho yes, of course it is cheesy, but ... why not? and at this time of the night... it is pretty fitting :)

Some likes pop, and most of my students belives that i am some kind of freak since most of the time, when they ask me if i know "this" or "those" bands, i am clueless as i never even heard their name.
So for once, i am able to "enjoy" some "not classical" music tunes !

Is it bad doctor?

So maybe most of you don't know what this "Mononoke Hime" songs sounds like, you can enjoy it, with even an english lyric translation:

And of course, listening to it also echoed for me another song i used to like:
Nobuo Uematsu "Ai no tema"

And my rendition of the same piece, transcribled by Nakayama during a recital in Monaco

Oyasuminasai  =^.^=/

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