lundi 28 octobre 2013

3rd Recording preparation !

Tomorow is THE big day for me!

I am entering the studio for the 3rd time. This time with a quite big project : the complete Philip Glass piano music for Naxos Classical - Grand Piano label
For some it is quite big , but ... if you compare to the great Minimal Piano Music 30 cds (and more to come) of Jeroen van Veen, and ... the complete Franz Liszt on 99 cds with the great Leslie Howard...

Anyway, let's return to my humble project.

The program of this first volume (yes they will be others on their way ;) ) is :

Opening from Glassworks

Dreaming Awake     


the Orphée Suite (arr Paul Barnes)  

I. The Cafe

II. Orphée's Bedroom

III. Journey to the Underworld

IV. Orphée and the Princess

V. Return to Orphée's House

VI. Orphée's Return

VII. Orphée's Bedroom-Reprise

How Now      

I hope you will like my selection of pièces. Far away from the usuals Glass programs and also far away from what i am also doing during the Glass Marathon.

As a last day preparation, i just relaxed, did 6 hours of practice and prepared my scores and myself (sounds superficial but the wonderful photograph Jean-Lionel Dias will make a promotional video during the session)

And, since i am very gloutonous, i used this day to enjoy myself during a very large lunch.

I ate my favorite japanese food :

                                      Tempura Udon                       with some chicken and omelete
and of course, i ended with a nice desert :)
                                         Mille-feuilles à la framboise with a Chocolat Viennois

And to end my day, a Fellini night with La Strada and La Dolce Vita

tonight from my window                                     Lovely Erzsebet waiting for me

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