lundi 6 octobre 2014

MoonDog tribute for the 14' Nuit Blanche (no i did not perform in it)

Last Sat 4th October, i went to the nice Collège des Bernardins during the Nuit Blanche 2014. 
As they now do for years, this time again they organised a very interesting and nice concert : 

A Moondog Tribute [LINK TO THE EVENT]

It was part of the amazing Alterminimalisme cycle. 

The Concert was in 2 parts : 

1st Part : 

Jean-Jacques Lemêtre (cromorne), Stefan Lakatos (percussions) & Dominique Ponty (piano)

Programm : 

1 : Sundogs

Ma etite
Ground in d minor 
Lotus Blossom

2 : Canon on the keys

Chaconne in A Minor
Jazz Book n°2
Elf Dance
Jazz Book n°3
Sea Horsse
Trimba solo
Fleur de lis + Barn Danse
Jazz Book n°4
Mood Montreux 
Santa Fé

2nd Part : 

L’ ensemble Minisym, conducted by Amaury Cornut

Programm : 

From US to EU

Danse orientale
Synchony mov 1 and 3 
Suite Antique 
Moondog Monologue
Logründrs Series
From One to Nine
Surf Session Mov 1
All is Loneliness

My 1 cent critic : 

1st of all i must confess that i prefered the 2nd part, but not for the musician, for the music itself.

I have to admit that i was really looking forward this concert. I am not very strong into Moondog music and i still remember my dear friend and composer : Jean-Thiérry Boisseau , a huge fan of Moondog , some years ago J-T told me that i should really get into this composer.

(for those who don't know him, [CLICK HERE] for a Moondog bio)

I never really took the time to do it, only listened to some pieces that i liked. So i was really looking forward this concert.

The first part with the trio : Jean-Jacques Lemêtre (cromorne), Stefan Lakatos (percussions) & Dominique Ponty (piano) was the very long introduction. 
Pieces were a display of all his creatives forces from his very first until his last. 

I was with some friends, and it is funny to see that we did not have the same point of view. Musically, the first part was nice, some cute melodies, remanant of an old past , and also some pop / folk like influances. 

All the 3 members worked with Moondog, so .... they are in a certain way an authority over this music. 

The pianist was great, the aproach was very tenderly, and precise. The 2 other were amazing. 
My favorite pieces on this part were the Percussion solo ones (nothing to do with the pianist , simply my choice was musically), and their virtuosity here was amazing. 

My friends on the other hand, loved this to death 

Part 1 was 1.40 hours long, and the second part was 30 minutes . On my side, my fav was the second part. 
Here the music was more "avant gardist" i would say. In it you could really feel that it influanced great figure of our end of XX century like Glass or Reich. 
Full of energy and rythm ! 
Also ... in some pieces like Logründrs Series i really felt that i was listening to a "faster" version of Arvo Pärt 's Tabula Rasa ! Was it an influance of this great estonian composer ? 

All is Loneliness was also extremely touching .... 

It was a wonderful way to start a cold night .... yes ... no more nice weather after it ..... winter is coming ! 

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