samedi 8 février 2014

Night of Minimal Piano #2 : in Kiev ! Ukreanian première of Arvo Pärt Lamentate

My dear friends
Long time no news, i had not been able to keep those pages updated, as i really had no time.
One of the reason was the preparation about forthcoming concerts in Kiev !

Concert 1 : Solo Recital

14th Fébuary (Union of composers Hall) at 7pm

  Dynasty Festival


Philip GLASS
Complete Etudes Book 1 (I to X)
Madrigal n°1 op.65
     Estnische Präludien F# op.80
4 op.124
     Sonata  Nr.10 op.114

Alexander SCRIABIN
Sonata Nr. 9 «Black Mass» op.68
     Vers la Flamme op.72
20 Final Fantasy Preludes


Another big event, and one very dear to me, i will perform the 2nd Night of Minimal Piano, but this time in Kiev !

Concert 2 : Night of Minimal Piano

15th Febuary 11pm to 16th Febuary 8am

House of Architect Hall (

 "Ухо"  Festival


Complete program :
Valentin Silvestrov
Quiet Song n°1: Song Can Tend The Ailing Spirit (Baratynsky)
John Cage
In a Landscape
Andrew Chubb
Motion One  (NP)
Terry Jennings
Winter Sun  (NP)
Winter Tree (NP)
Piano Piece for Christine (NP)
1950 Piece (NP)
Victoria Poleva
Lulaby for ….
Frederic Lagnau
Bagatelle sans modalite (NP)
Wind Mozaics (NP)
Simeon Ten Holt
Canto Ostinato  (NP)
Morteza Shirkoohi 
Arteeman (wp)
Philip Glass
Metamorphosis 1 to 5   
The Olypian - Lighting of the Torch
Trilogy Sonata
2 Pages
Jaan Rääts  :
Prelude n° 4 Op33
Bagatellen n°3,4,8,15,22 op50
Madrigaali n° 1,19, op65
Liis Viira
Nova Vision  (np)
Mihkel Kerem
Piano solo from Nimeta Lood (np)
Prelüüd Nr. 9, 11,12,13,14,15,16    (np)
Arvo Pärt
Für Alina
Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka
Tomasz Kamieniak
 Nuits a Paris op.53  (NP)
Denis Levaillant
une barque sur le Niger
Etude XIV Transe
Arnaud Desvignes
Sur une branche morte
Fabio Mengozzi
Reverie IV (NP)
Segreta luce (NP)
Julius Eastman
Piano 2 I/II/III   (NP)
Jeroen van Veen
Minimal Préludes 15 , 17 , 18 , 21 , 23 & 26  (NP)
Antonio Correa
Surface 1   (NP)
5 Shorts pieces  (NP)
Day 5 (NP)
Regis Campo
Mysterium Simplicitatis  (NP)
Alvin Curran
Inner City n°1 & 2   (NP)
For Cornelius  (NP)
John Psathas 
Sleeper   (np)
Eve Beglarian
Night Psalm   (np)
Denis Johnson
November  (NP)
John Luther Adams
Nunataks (NP)
Jean Catoire
Sonate n°19 Opus 520  (wp)
William Susman
Quiet Rhythms Book I: Prologue 3 / 4 /5 / 6  Prologue + Action 7 / 8  (NP)
Michael Jon Fink
5 piano pieces  (NP)
Svyatoslav Lunyov
Mardongs 1 - Anonim XIV
Carlos Peron Cano
Yoga Music (WP)
David Toub
 For Four   (np)
Svitlana Azarova
Lawrence Ball
Piano Suite n°8  (wp)
Terry Riley
 Keyboard Study #1
Melaine Dalibert
Variations  (wp)
Cortège    (wp)
Gruppetto   (wp)
Ballade   (wp)
Morton Feldman
Nature Piece
Douwe Eisenga
Simon Song 1   (NP)
Kyle Gann
Going to bed  (NP)
LaMonte Young
X for Henry Flynt   (NP) 
And at the closure at my Kiev stay, i will end up in the most wonderful way possible :

19th - orchestra concert (National Academy Hall)

Arvo PÄRT  : Lamentate (national premiere)

National chamber orchestra "Kiev Soloists"

i don't have the poster yet, but i will update everything once i get it !
Also a last thing, i want to deeply thank Maryana Yaremchyshyna who will be my page turner for all concerts. She did the most wonderful job last time (and was able to stay for the whole Philip Glass Marathon, i still can't belive it !)
I really hope to meet you at those concerts !!!

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